Smart City Solution

With the advancement of technology, information technologies are turning to intertwined methods in order to better serve the citizens in local governments. Here, the target is to realize the problem as soon as possible, as soon as possible after the decision-making processes, to initiate the intervention at the right time with the appropriate vehicle, to record the results obtained and to minimize the risks that may occur in the future after comparing with the previous signs. Of course, the primary requirement of achieving such a goal is to have an uninterrupted, stable and fast communication infrastructure.
With Pointron SCS, it unites various communication and fusion infrastructures under a single ip-based communication infrastructure umbrella. The structure consists of a combination of satellite, mobile and wireless communication technologies.

With the SCS components;

  1. IP based sensor communication network
  2. IP based M2M communication network
  3. Disaster Status Command Communication Solution
  4. Public Internet Service
  5. Real-time distributed advertising and information solution

SCS aims to provide you with the basic basic skills such as instant data collection from the site, field and sound and video communication, communication in the event of disaster and direct communication with the citizen. It is also possible to take advantage of this system when you are driving.

Here’s a summary of the applications you can use when you have SCS;

  1. Remote control of clean and waste water systems
  2. Remote navigation of traffic
  3. Real-time monitoring of air pollution, meteorology and traffic sensors
  4. Live view of camera images
  5. Remote control of car parks
  6. Remote control of parks and gardens
  7. Smart intersections
  8. Control of smart billboards
  9. Disaster conditions
  10. Communication in emergency cases

The system promises you uninterrupted awareness and remote management capability throughout your area of responsibility with minimum human resources. It also completes your communication infrastructure for all kinds of artificial intelligence applications.

The advantages that the SCS infrastructure will offer to local governments are as follows;

  1. Wideband
  2. Independent of geographical constraints
  3. Not affected by architecture
  4. Works in all kinds of disasters
  5. No additional investment for LORA and SCADA systems
  6. Safe
  7. Economic
  8. Domestic
  9. Can be expanded …