What is Case Flyaway?

It is a high-speed data transferable satellite terminal that can be transported in a case. Thanks to this terminal, you can only provide a small suitcase size, a safe against all external influences and communication infrastructure, in case of extraordinary conditions, TV live broadcast, radio communication, telephone connection, VPN network access and internet access .

Who does it work for?

  • Reporters and correspondents of TV channels,
  • Disaster management units (AFAD, fire etc.)
  • Military units
  • Public security units
  • Red Crescent and similar organizations

What opportunities does it offer?

  • Broadband internet access
  • Broadband encrypted network (VPN)
  • Radio communication over satellite over places not covered by relay
  • Telephone communication via satellite over non-telephone infrastructure
  • HD and 4K quality video transfer thanks to broadband access
  • Uninterrupted broadband communication with batteries in places without electrical infrastructure

What are the advantages?

  • Provides voice, data, video and internet communications in a single bag
  • 6-hour operation with batteries
  • Supports radio and telephone infrastructures. Enables these devices to operate over satellite
  • Works in Europe, Middle East and Africa with wide coverage
  • It is lightweight so it can be carried on board in aircraft
  • Due to its simple structure, the probability of failure is poor.

Technical specifications :

CA 1000CA 1010
Working BandKAKA
Weight20 Kg20 Kg
Antenna Diameter30 cm30 cm
Output Power1-3 watt1-3 watt
Compatible ModemsViasatHughes
Bandwidth30 Mbit / 6 Mbit25 Mbit / 8 Mbit
Working Temperature0 C – 50 C0 C – 50 C
Work Layers L2- L7 L2- L7
Main TypesEU / USEU / US
VPN SupportAvailable Available
Broadcast SupportAvailableAvailable
Wireless Connection SupportAvailableAvailable
Phone Connection SupportAvailableAvailable
Battery Capacity5-6 hours5-6 hours
Access Point SupportAvailableAvailable
Satellite OperatorsTurksat, Eutelsat(Tooway), Avanti, Yahsat