Purpose of use ?

It is designed to meet the need for a low-cost, safe-to-carry, simple-to-install, high-speed, point-to-point dark fiber connection and internet at headquarters. 

The system, which is placed in a wheeled and rickshaw crate suitable for transport in a cargo plane and container, is powered by mains electricity. 

The system allows high-speed, encrypted data transmission of up to 30 MB and can be pinned to the site of my subject.

For who?

Military units; For the needs of encrypted, data, video and audio communications in advanced base areas.

Disaster units; To provide internet, radio, telephone and video transmission needs of the command and control centers in the disaster area.

Internal security units; for the purpose of providing any type of encrypted, broadband communication with the center of the units in the temporary base region.

TV stations; To be able to address the needs of broadcasting over the Internet or over the top of closed circuit VPLS circuits and meeting satellite phone communications needs.


Basic Features;

  • Up to 50 Mb data connection
  • Dark fiber, VPLS, MPLS and internet access
  • KA band satellite access
  • Possibility of wireless communication via satellite
  • Telephone communication via satellite
  • FullHD broadcast
  • Wifi internet and network distribution capability
  • Network distribution capability with X3 ethernet
  • Operation with 220 V
  • Simple interface
  • Web-based management of the device wirelessly via wifi

** To take advantage of all the features of the device, you should choose the appropriate satellite operator infrastructures.

Physical Properties;

  • Weight: 30 Kg (with carrying case)
  • Operating temperatures: -10 C to 50 C
  • Working environment: Outdoor
  • Mains supply: 220 V power supply
  • Transportation:  in wheeled case
  • Installation: fixed install



  • Dark fiber, MPLS and VPLS connection
  • Internet connection,
  • Network distribution over Ethernet
  • Internet distribution via wifi
  • It is carried in a wheeled safe.
  • Transportable in cargo plane and container
  • Suitable for outdoor environment.

Inputs and Outputs;

  • Satellite cable connector
  • 3x Ethernet output,
  • Wifi access point,
  • 220 V energy input,

** All connectors in the product are manufactured for outdoor environment, industrial type.


  • The possibility of web-based management by connecting to mobile phone and computer via Wifi..

Technical specifications :

Model Flyaway 4000Flyaway 4100
Internet30 Mbx 6 Mb30 Mbx 6 Mb
Dark fiber vplsavailable
Screen –available
Transport typeCaseCase
Power Switch++
Power Lamp++
Battery indicator –+
Military Connector – –
Civil Connector++