Who are we ?

Founded in 2015, Pointron Technology, a Superuydu Co.Ltd. subsidiary. The technology, solutions and devices needed by the market during the satellite communication services provided by Superuydu were realized as a result of the need not being easily provided by companies such as itself or even because of not being in the market. First of all, the work of Superuydu as an internal R & D activity has emerged and the need for a branding process has arisen due to the progress of the process and the resulting products exceeding the main business area of the company. As a result, the technology and products that the Superuydu R & D team has created so far have been built under the brand name ‘Pointron Technology’. Since the end of 2015, Pointron has continued its activities with a vision and mission independent of Superuydu.

As of 2018, Pointron has added the title of Military Solutions to its activities categorized under Technology Development, Equipment Production and Solution Design.

Pointron provides all kinds of communication, awareness and decision making needs of all needy people, especially Superuydu, for electronic, mechanical, software, solution production and system integration products.