The following technologies have been developed by our company in order to reveal the potential of Ka band satellites and to use Ka band satellite service in advanced network applications;


This technology allows for the installation of a broadband encrypted tunnel on Ka-band satellites in layers L2 and L3. With this technology, satellite operators can provide their customers with Dark Fiber derivative products or they can provide back-up of terrestrial MPLS or VPLS infrastructures. This technology, called the ler Carrier Layer iştir in terminology, was developed for companies operating as satellite operators, HNO and VNO.


With this technology, the coverage of different satellites can be combined and connected to a single satellite. Technology has been developed as a complement to SU_Connect technology. Thanks to the technology developed for HNO and VNOs, you can actually serve the coverage of many satellites by adding them together.


With this technology, the terminals on air, land and sea platforms can continue to receive service without switching off from a satellite coverage area to another. Although wide coverage areas are generally used from Ydu communication, the use of relatively small coverage areas has become widespread with the introduction of Ka band satellites. As a result, in order to provide mobility, Su-Pass has solved a large problem arising from the “Carrier Layer” level.


With this technology, we can provide our customers with a single data pool over different satellites and reduce operating costs. Su_Measure enables satellite operators to reduce the high costs that they have to offer for backup connections to highly satisfactory levels.