Integrated Broadcasting Solution

In this era of mobile devices and internet changing our lives, news is changing from the basics. This change extends from major news agencies, regional TV channels and even individual broadcasters.

There is no doubt that “IP-based communication” technologies are the basis of this change. However, in recent years, a lot of rope-based broadcasting and stream solution entered our lives. However, many of these products presented as solutions are incompatible with each other and their use is quite difficult and unstable.

Pointron develops its own technology and products (modem, encoder, decoder, media server, satellite terminal, vpn router etc.) and presents to the publishers with the “IP Based Communication Infrastructure” that it offers to publishers;

  • Connects your center to your subscribers without interruption,
  • Connects your branches (domestic / international) to the center,
  • Connect your correspondents in the field to the center,
  • You can connect your third-party partners anytime, anywhere, and share content,
  • Whether you want to broadcast a live broadcast or a live broadcast,
  • You can instantly deliver content to as many subscribers as you want,
  • Or you can use your subscribers as a live broadcast source,
  • You can exchange content without subjecting to the regulation of any country
  • You don’t pay international phone money!
  • You can broadcast live with a phone in the field
  • You can access a broadcast source that you access over the Internet to your network all at once
  • You can track the position of your correspondent in a third country