MilCom Military Satellite Communication Project

In the period we are thinking about the concept of War 4.0, as Pointron Technology, we are working on the components of the network-centric warfare concept with the support of our parent company Superuydu. Within this framework, our company has realized the gap in broadband, ip based satellite based communication systems and has been working on adaptation and integration of Ka band satellite technologies and terrestrial wireless technologies.

Pointron Technology, which collected these works in the MilCom concept in 2018, started to create a product family for itself. The product family consists of the following components;

  • Portable and lightweight portable satellite terminals
  • Mobile and mobile satellite terminals
  • Fixed and mobile satellite modems capable of encrypted communication
  • Data distribution and communication terminal
  • Wi-fi, 4G and 5G manga mobile router devices
  • Individual image transmission systems
  • Individual user interfaces
  • Satellite radio systems
  • Local satellite positioning system

You can reach the information about the National Satellite Radio System which has been completed and put on sale from the projects that are being worked on in our products section.